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DMXGEAR's jockstraps and men's thongs are designed for modern men whose everyday care matters, live an active life and prefer comfort. Our jocks are breathable and our men's thongs and strings are made with the best designed waistbands and pouches.

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Jockstraps, jocks

Men's jockstraps are the perfect underwear for showing off your best assets. DMXGEAR's jocks have a soft pouch and waistband, and classic body hugging straps. Our high quality athletic supporters offer comfort and the norm for this style benefits, such as less sweating, less itching and less scratching!

Men's thong

Men's thongs are fascinating underwear usually with a pouch at their front part and just enough fabric to cover...half your back. DMXGEAR offers two types of thongs, the classic one and the Brazilian one.

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Unique White Jockstrap with Anatomically Fit Pouch Orange Neon Waistband with DMXGEAR Brand No Big Humorous Pouch in Front, two white straps at the back Made from Luxury Cotton (92%) and 8% spandex Designed by DMXGEAR, Made and sewed in the Czech Republic, the E. U. No blenching, no ironing, washing in cold water
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