DMXgear offers inexhaustible amount of luxurious laundry for prices, which are available for everyone! Plus we offer number of advantages compared to competitors, for example:

1. Valued by the independent magazine dTest

Independent magazine dTest tested the biggest shopping gallery with luxurious underwear for men, DMXGEAR.CZ, and gave us three stars, which is the highest amount for business terms, which are in maximal compliance with consumer has also voluntarilly applied for resolutions to all complaints through public portal

2. DMXGEAR awarded with the certificate Reliable firm

We achieved valuable award, which we highly appreciate, from the portal Živé thanks to the above-the-standard services and approaching customers.


3. Approved by the customers

Every customer can be sure, that he shops through the verify e-shop, which must fulfil the strict conditions and  it is guarantee of the quality goods and provided services.

4. Verified company

DMXGEAR achieved award Verified company from the Center of researches the opinios of clients. The award is made on the basis of process, which reflects the amount of negations for the companies, that are available on-line. It is the negative feedback, which could point out on possible mistakes. If the company does not have any negative feedback, the company can add to the Verified companies. Thank you for being satisfied with us.   


5. Unique loyalty system

You make money by shopping on DMXGEAR.CZ. Not only you can use discounts, which we offer, but for every purchase, you gain some money back. For every spent 200 CZK we will add 1 point=10 CZK (approx. 0,5 EUR), which you can use on your next purchase as a discount or you can collect points and exchange them for free delivery or goods.

6. Free gift with every order

Every customer will receive a gift with the purchase. We are the only e-hop with underwear for men, which gives free gifts with every order.

7. Free delivery over 1 500 CZK

We are the only e-shop with underwear for men, which offers free delivery through Czech post, if the value of the order is above 1 500 CZK.

8. Personal will call in Prague

If you do not want to pay for the delivery and post charges, we offer you the possibility to will call the package for free on the street Charkovska 517/20, Praha 10, 101 00.

9. Guarantee of returning money within 5 weeks

We offer to all of our costumers the possibility for returning goods from any reason, within 1 month from the purchase and returning money. According the law the claim is 2 weeks and offers returning of the money for another 3 weeks.

10. Discount Sphere Card with 15% discount forever!

If you spend over 2 000 CZK in one order or you spend over 4 000 CZK on the e-shop, you automatically gain discount Sphere Card. Then you will always shop with the 15% discount and you will get discounts for another 10 000 businessmen in Czech republic and Slovakia.

11. 100% original product

We founded our e-shop with the goal to sell high quality goods from the manufacturers. We have the certification about the origin for every product. Plus every product is made from the best materials, which exist in the world. It is 100% high quality product. 

12. Shopping at night

Our e-shop is the only one on the czech and slovak market, that offers you shopping at night for incredible prices, lower prices.

13. Competitions for valuable prizes

We regularly organize competitions on the social networks for valuable prizes, vouchers, the underwear and electronics. We offer various sales or packages for lower prices.

14. We have been sewing our own collection DMXGEAR since 2015

DMXGEAR is no longer the only clasical distributor of brands, but we also make and create our own collection, which is sewed by czech stitchers from czech materials and other components.