Designed underwear for everyone, everyday.

Founded in the Czech Republic in 2015, DMXGEAR has become a go-to-brand for stylish men underwear, sportswear and swimwear. DMXGEAR brand has built an outstanding reputation for excellent quality, unique design and perfectly fitting underwear that breathes.

DMXGEAR line is offered in Europe, most of all. DMXGEAR brand is also worn in the U. S., China and Russia. The core business is underwear that fits like Your second skin, then sportswear such as compression T-shirts, tights and swimwear as well. DMXGEAR offers not only boxer briefs and briefs for more conservative guys, but also men thong and sport jockstraps for modern men. 



Founder of DMXGEAR, Martin Maly, decided to produce DMXGEAR collection. The main reason is there is any brand with underwear on the market that is able to produce perfect underwear that fits. Some brands offer underwear with big pouch in front, some ones don’t take care about men genitals means if underwear works or not. DMXGEAR produces now the perfect anatomically fit underwear with any humorous pouch in front. Just small pouch for your comfort.